TACKLE’s mission is to help residents to build credit, financial resilience and a better financial future for all in innovative ways

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Financial resilience for all

Tackle is rooted in a personal passion for financial freedom and literacy. We understand that most people need assistance in this realm, particularly those who rent their homes. Our mission: equip individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to confidently navigate their finances.

Tackle is more than a service; we're a guiding force aimed at transforming financial goals into realities. We stand ready to assist when life presents financial hurdles, helping you tackle these challenges head-on.

We believe that excellent property owners understand the true value of their residents' well-being. Renters part with their hard-earned dollars to pay rent: allowing property managers to be in business. We stand with managers to foster a community of financial literacy and security.

At Tackle, our goal isn't just about financial survival; we're about financial thriving. Let's make financial goals a reality together.


Meet the people behind Godomo

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Co-founder & Chairman

Arjun is a visionary businessman, real estate investor, and technology entrepreneur. Prior to co-founding Tackle, he built a portfolio of successful operating companies across North America, Europe, India, and Japan. As a co-founder of Zuma and a property manager, Arjun understands the market and serves as a consultant to our customers. With key roles such as CFO at RMS and CEO at RMSI, he brings extensive experience to the table. Arjun's diverse expertise and entrepreneurial mindset drive his commitment to delivering exceptional solutions for our customers.

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Co-founder & CEO

Jaime Conde is a multi-family industry expert with a strong background in software development and revenue leadership. As a former product manager at Entrata and Anyone Home, he revolutionized property management operations through innovative software tools. With expertise in problem-solving and technical skills, Jaime transitioned to a revenue leadership role, driving market solutions. He holds an Economics degree from Brigham Young University. Outside of work, Jaime is a self-proclaimed "foodie" who enjoys cooking with his wife. He treasures spending quality time with his 5 children and surfing.

Our Investors
Calibrated GROUP

CalibratedGROUP is a private equity fund with over $500 million to invest in a network of global distributed service companies.

Monta Vista Capital

We invest in early-stage technology companies founded by subjected matter experts who have a vision and a passion for how to transform industries.